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Our Surveys

Service user, relative and 

employee opinions


For over 25 years, we have been providing healthcare practitioners with valuable research intelligence and consultancy with which to better understand what matters most to their patients, whilst helping them to clarify and address the needs of their staff. We have found over the last few years especially, that clients rely on our research as an essential resource for identifying positive and negative performance areas, fulfilling patient needs, reporting to stakeholders and comparing with internal data. 

We offer 3 tiers of service: FREE, STANDARD AND BESPOKE 

For any questions do get in touch: TEL: 0208 044 4638 or EMAIL:

Our Surveys

  • 360 degree insight: Our expertise enable us to get feedback into all aspects of the organisation including patients, family, staff and consultants
  • Online and Offline techniques: We provide a range of traditional and innovative techniques to ensure every voice is heard. This includes paper and online surveys, QR codes and email.
  • Reporting: Customisable, in-depth reporting bespoke to your requirements and delivered through our web portal. We also provide PHIN spec reports each month.


  • Standards and regulations: Our surveys align with CQC standards and industry regulations to give you the earliest indications of potential red flags
  • Third party validation: We have a unbiased and robust approach to ensure that the feedback you receive is a true reflection of your service
  • PROMs and QPROMS: We are one of the few PHIN registered PROMS providers in the UK


Gain insight and work opportunities


Happy, responsive staff make for happy patients